Best Paper Award


  • Sven KILIAN, Andreas MANN, University of Kassel, Germany for their paper When the Damage is Done: Effects of Moral Disengagement on Sustainable Consumption.


  • Gianluigi GUIDO, Cristian RIZZO, Antonio MILETI, Alessandro PELUSO, Giovanni PINO, Università del Salento, Italy for their paper The effect of non-conscious mimicry and obedience on consumer behavior : the role of conformism.
  • Michel CALCIU, Jean-Louis MOULINS, Francis SALERNO, France for their paper Social media Analytics with big customer data. Some marketing decision support applications.


  • Haoying WANG, Akinori ONO, Mai KIKUMORI, Keio University, Japan, for their paper "Are high-need for uniqueness consumers willing to or not to recommend products? Considering types of the products and the receivers."