International Marketing Trends Awards

The International Marketing Trends Award is an international award to honour researchers for their overall achievements in the fields of Marketing Trends.


Purpose of the Marketing Trends Award

The purpose of the Marketing Trends Award is to recognize and reward an outstanding lifetime contribution to the  Marketing Trends in the areas of research, education or strategy, and encourage cross-country and multi-cultural research on the major changes in marketing paradigms and new fields of inovative research in all the aspects of marketing.


The Award

Each award consists of a medal and a personal nominatvie diploma. The name of the recipient is be published in the Journal of Marketing Trends and on the International Marketing Trends Conference website.


The International Marketing Trends Award Committee

The Marketing Trends Award Committee is responsible for the selection of candidates:


Nomination for the International Marketing Trends Award

All universities, business schools, companies and institutions active in the field of Marketing Trends are encouraged to nominate candidates for the award. Self-applications will not be considered. Information about the nominations, investigations, and opinions concerning the award is kept secret.

The IMTC Managerial Impact Award


  • Daniele FORNARI (Cattolica University of Piacenza)


  • Christian HOMBURG (University of Mannheim)


The International Marketing Trends Award Ceremony

The Marketing Trends Laureates receive the International Marketing Trends Medal and International Marketing Trends Diploma at the Marketing Trends Conference.


  • Yoram Jerry WIND (Wharton School University of Pennsylvania)
  • Adamantios DIAMANTOPOULOS (University of Vienna)
  • Heiner EVANSHITZKY (University of Manchester)
  • Margherita PAGANI  (Skema Business School, Paris)


  • Francesca CABIDDU (University of Cagliari)
  • Riccardo RESCINITI (University of Sannio)
  • Cleopatra VELOUTSOU (University of Glasgow)
  • John CADOGAN (Loughborough University)


  • Yolanda POLO for "a longlife career inspiring and empowering the scientific research in Marketing, being the first female professor of Marketing in Spain".
  • Sandro CASTALDO, for his contribution to "The advance of research in the field of Retailing and Trust".


  • Maria VERNUCCIO, for her innovative studies in the field of digital Marketing and brand management
  • Alain D'ASTOUS, for his work on the Marketing of Arts
  • Joël BREE, for his research on children and teenagers 
  • Alain CAPPANNELLI, for his professional achievements in Retail.
  • Pauline de PECHPEYROU, for her contribution to research on e-CRM


  • Valérie BERTHEAU, for dedicating her professional life to marketing of the defence industries
  • Marc FILSER, for his research on consumer behaviour and distribution systems
  • Emmanuelle LE NAGARD, for her dedication to academic work on luxury brand management and for keeping alive the spirit of our dearest friend Elyette ROUX at the ESSEC LVMH Chair.
  • Paola SIGNORI, for her work on marketing, supply chain and sustainability


  • Anahit ARMENAKYAN, for her contribution to research on the "Marketing of sports".
  • Gianfranco WALSH, for his "research on social Marketing".
  • Uehara WATARU, for his work on "International Marketing".


  • Manuel SANCHEZ PEREZ, for his contribution to "Retail Marketing"
  • Sonja BIDMON, for her research on "Customer and Patient satisfaction"
  • Francis SALERNO, for his research on "Digital Marketing"
  • Dominique CRIE, for his work on "Healthcare Marketing"
  • Ann LEPPIMAN, for her work on "Experience Marketing"
  • Carlo Alberto PRATESI


  • Yves EVRARD, for his major and fundamental contribution to the development of marketing of arts, cultural and creative industries.
  • Enrique BIGNE, for his research on, tourism and destination marketing
  • Johanne BRUNET, for her research on Cultural and Art Industry on Marketing
  • Marlen DEMETRIOU and Ria MORPHITOU, for their studies on Corporate Social Responsability
  • Patricia GURVIEZ, for her research on Food Industry
  • Anna LEASK, for her work on Tourism Management
  • Thorsten TEICHERT, for his research on Marketing and Innovation


  • Roger BENETT, for his "work on nonprofit marketing"
  • Maria Grazia CARDINALI, for her "work on consumer behavior in marketing"
  • Richard FONTAINE, for his "work on accountancy & marketing"
  • Martina GALLARZA, for "her work on emotion"
  • Frank JACOB, for his "work on mobile marketing"
  • Shin’ya NAGASAWA, for his -work on luxury goods in Japan-
  • Valentina PITARDI, for her "work on communication and social research"
  • Anna Maria TOALDO, for her "work on marketing strategy in Brazil"


  • Umberto COLLESEI, with particular recognition  the International Marketing Trends Lifetime Achievement Award for his "contribution in the foundation of the International Marketing Trends Conference".
  • Andreas KAPLAN, the International Marketing Trends Academic Excellence Award for his "contributions in the area of social media".
  • Maureen SIGLIANO, the Marketing Trends Business Innovation Award, for "the loyalty program  (MyWU) and for conducting customer relationship management".
  • Michelle BERGADAA, for her "major contribution to the fight against scientific plagiarism".
  • Enrico COLLA, for his "contribution to retail and distribution research in France".
  • Giacomo DEL CHIAPPA, for his "contribution on tourism marketing".
  • Jean-François DIET, for his "innovative healthcare strategy".
  • Jean-François LEMOINE, for his "major contribution to experential and sensorial research".
  • Dominique ROUX, for her "works on consumer resistance and anti-consumption".


  • Jean-François BOSS, for his "fundamental contribution to the development of marketing science in France".
  • Olivier DROULERS, for his "work on marketing and neurosciences".
  • Edoardo FORNARI, for his "work on retail marketing and branding".
  • Michael HAENLEIN, for  his "early contribution to social media in marketing".
  • Trond HAMMERVOLL, for "his contribution to niche marketing".
  • Daniele PEDERZOLI, for  his "research in the field of retail marketing and luxury marketing".
  • Kjell TOFTEN, for his "contribution to niche marketing".



  • Oliver BADOT, for his "contribution to ethnomarketing in consumer behavior and retailing".
  • Efthymios CONSTANTIDINES, for his "contribution to e-marketing and social networks marketing".
  • Patrick NICHOLSON, for his "contribution to consumer relationship management and data analysis".
  • Christian PINSON, for his "major contribution to consumer cognitive style".
  • Silvia RANFAGNI, for her "contribution to consumer and fashion marketing".
  • Gilles ROEHRICH, for his "contribution to business models for innovation research".


  • Christophe BENAVENT, for his "works on loyalty, relationship management and its digital extension/trends".
  • Jean-Charles CHEBAT, for his "pioneering works in cross-disciplinary researches and marketing paradigms".
  • Paulo DE LENCASTRE, for his "analysis of brand management".
  • Oscar GONZALEZ-BENITO, for his "contribution to the development of quantitative methods in marketing".
  • Michael LINGELFELDER, for his "contribution to the development of Healthcare Marketing Management".
  • Alberto PASTORE, for his "contribution to communication studies".
  • Bogna PILARCZYK, for her "contribution to marketing strategy in Poland".
  • Donald SEXTON, for his "fundamental contribution to the development of global product and brand strategies".


  • Luigi CANTONE, for his "works on brand management and its impacts".
  • Gérard CLIQUET, for his "works on retail and distribution".
  • Gennaro IASEVOLI, for his "works on event marketing and co-branding".
  • Jordi MONTANA-MATOSAS, for his "contribution to the development of innovation and design management in marketing".
  • Elisabeth TISSIER-DESBORDES, for her "studies of the concept of gender marketing".
  • Maria Jesus YAGUE-GUILLEN, for her "contribution to the development of marketing in Spain".


  • Asunción BEERLI-PALACIO, for her "studies of the advertising effectiveness".
  • Giuseppe BERTOLI, for his "contribution to the development of brand management".
  • Sergio CHERUBINI, for his "pioneering works in the sport marketing".
  • Jean-Marc DECAUDIN, for his "fundamental analysis of communication in marketing".
  • Patrizia DE LUCA, for her "analysis of mobile phone industry".
  • Chris HALLIBURTON, for his "early fundamental studies of the international marketing".
  • Torben HANSEN, for his "contribution to the development of Social science methodology in marketing".
  • Nora LADO, for her "analysis of automotive marketing".
  • Enrique MARTIN ARMARIO, for his "part of the development of service and tourism marketing".
  • Jose Miguel MUGICA, for his "pioneering work on retailing, and customer satisfaction".
  • Henrikki TIKKANEN, for his "investigation concerning Finnish marketing know-how".
  • Jean-François TRINQUECOSTE, for his "fundamental work in the theory of marketing".
  • Klaus-Peter WIEDMANN, for "introducing a societal marketing concept of corporate leadership in technology and innovation".


  • Carmen BERNE MANERO, for her "part in the studies of the distribution strategy".
  • Jean-Louis CHANDON, for his "pioneering development of quantitative methods in marketing".
  • Alberto MATTIACCI, for his "contribution to the development of marketing theory".
  • Günter SILBERER, for his "contribution to the development of marketing methodology".
  • Pierre VALETTE-FLORENCE, for his "fundamental work in consumer behavior".
  • Donata VIANELLI, for her "contribution to the development of intercultural placement of products and brands in the film industry".
  • Stéphane GANASSALI, Francesco CASARIN, Paola CERCHIELLO, Gunnar MAU, Carmen RODRIGUES SANTOS, Astrid SIEBELS, for their "paper in cross-country and multi-cultural research".
  • Gaetano AIELLO, Raffaele DONVITO, Bruno GODEY, Daniele PEDERZOLI, Nadine HENNINGS, Astrid SIEBELS, Klaus-Peter WIEDMANN, for their "papers in cross-country and multi-cultural research".


  • Daniele DALLI, for his "analysis of consumer behavior".
  • Sergio SCIARELLI, for his "contribution to the marketing ethics".
  • Eric VERNETTE, for his "contribution to the development of leadership theory in marketing".
  • Joaquin ALDAS-MANZANO, Frank BACHMANN, Daniele DALLI, Nadine HENNINGS, Ines KUSTER, Jean MOSCAROLA, Natalia VILA, Antonella ZUCCHELLA, for their "papers in cross-country and multi-cultural research".


  • Aldo BURRESI, for his "analysis of product innovation".
  • Béatrice CANEL-DEPITRE, for her "analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility in Marketing".
  • Gianpiero LUGLI, for his "contribution to the development of retail and distribution theory".
  • Virginie MAILLE, for her "part in the development of sensitive analysis".
  • Jean-Louis MOULINS, for his "fundamental contribution to the development of loyalty and relationship marketing".
  • Elyette ROUX, for her "pioneering work in the luxury goods marketing".



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