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Is a company’s hospitality characterized by its visits? Hospitality experiences and cultural dimensions observed through Swiss and French company visits > Agnès Walser-Luchesi, EM Strasbourg Business School – University of Strasbourg, France, François H. Courvoisier, HES-SO, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Haute école de gestion Arc, Switzerland


Purchase intention of Peruvian agricultural product  > Gina Pipoli, Universidad del Pacífico, Peru, Iñaki García, Universidad de Deusto, Spain


Why do we act like peter pan when it comes to decisions about aging in place? > Donald V. Shiner, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada



Analizing the structural relationship between global and latent quality of tourism online distribution > Carmen Berne-Manero, María Gómez-Campillo, Mercedes Marzo-Navarro, University of Zaragoza, Spain


A global model for the image formation of a tourist destination: evidences from a sun and sand destination in Spain > Isabel Llodrà-Riera, Fundació Balear d'Innovació i Tecnologia, Spain,  María Pilar Martínez-Ruiz, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, Ana Isabel Jímenez-Zarco, Open University of Catalonia, Spain, Alicia Izquierdo-Yusta, University of Burgos, Spain


Influence of service environment on client loyalty in luxury hotels: A test of the cognition-emotion approach > Manar Ibraheem, Nadine Tournois, IAE Nice, France



The importance of being earnest in social media: juxtaposing oscar wilde’s script with an empirical case study to examine digital deceit from the blogger’s perspective > Andrea L. Micheaux, Dominique Crié, Annabel Martin, Daphné Salerno, Université de Lille, France


Corporate e-reputation management on LinkedIn : the owned and earned media mix > Céline Fueyo, ISG ISERAM, France, Jean-Marc Decaudin, IAE de Toulouse, France


Democratization or vulgarization - the impact of facebook on cultural capital > Carmela Milano, Sandra Rothenberger, ULB – Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management – Centre Emile Bernheim, Belgium



Organizational variables influencing the creativity of industrial designers : the IFI S.p.a. case study > Tonino Pencarelli, Emanuela Conti, Linda Gabbianelli, University of Urbino, Italy



Retailers’ strategies to promote healthier food purchases in grocery stores : space management and display communication > Benedetta Grandi, Silvia Bellini, Maria Grazia Cardinali, University of Parma, Italy



The internet of things: the next big thing for new product development? > Rubina Oliana, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, Efthymios Constantinides, Sjoerd de Vries, University of Twente, Netherlands






Luxury fashion brands ownership of private art foundations: a new way of conceiving marketing > Alessia Grassi, Tracy Diane Cassidy, Stephen Wigley, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom


Antecedents of trust in luxury brands: a cross-cultural analysis. Role of the sales force Enrique Marinao Artigas, Departamento de Administración, Facultad de Administración y Economía. Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile, Coro Chasco Yrigoyen, Departamento de Economía Aplicada. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain


The Core value of luxury brand: rarity or authenticity? > Jiang Zhiqing, Nagasawa Shin’ya, Waseda University, Graduate School of Commerce, Japan.



The role of luxury and contemporary collections in the experience economy. Preliminary results. > Emanuela Conti, University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy



Localised products: products that contribute to gastronomic luxury > Mariem El Euch Maalej, INSEEC Paris, France, Marielle SALVADOR, INSEEC Lyon, France



The meeting between salesman and customer in luxury goods: a new view > Silvia Procacci, Suzuki Italia S.p.A, Italy, Anna Claudia Pellicelli, Management Dept., SME, Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy



Specificities of subcontracting SMEs’ marketing in the watchmaking industry > François H. Courvoisier, Zarina M. Charlesworth, Haute école de gestion Arc, Switzerland



The perception of social identity among secondary school groups : the case of the make-up market > Tony De Vassoigne, Arnaud Delannoy et Laurence Hélène, Ecole de Management de Normandie, Laboratoire Métis, France


VOLUME 4 - NUMBER 2 (MAY 2017)


> Jean-Claude ANDREANI, Françoise CONCHON, Chris HALLIBURTON, Torben HANSEN,
Abraham KOSHY, Taihong LU, Chieko MINAMI, Jean-Louis MOULINS, José MUGICA,
Alberto PASTORE, Donald SEXTON, Klaus-Peter WIEDMANN

Exploring how market identity shapes hybridity: empirical evidence from the
field of Italian opera 
> Giulia CANCELLIERI, Bocconi University, Milano, Italy

Cultural Marketing in the Digital Age: The Influence of Place and Media on the
Brand Image of Live-Operas 
> Julia ROLL, Jutta EMES, Sven-OVE HORST, Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar, Faculty of Media, Weimar, Germany

Transmedia Experience and Narrative Transportation > Maud DERBAIX, Kedge Business School, Bordeaux campus, Dominique BOURGEON-RENAULT, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, Élodie JARRIER, Université d’Angers, Christine PETR, Université de Bretagne Sud, France



Positioning of the museum supply for children at world level  Bénédicte LE HEGARAT, Béatrice CANEL – DEPITRE, Normandie Université, UNIHAVRE, France

Fine Arts Museums at a Crossroads: Between Core Mission and Adaptation to
New Tourist Clients 
> Michel ZINS, FSA, Ulaval, Université Laval, Quebec Canada 



When painting is part of the tourism imaginary: the example of Normandy and 19th century painting > Isabel BABOU, BABOU Conseil,Paris, France


The anthropomorphic features of a virtual agent: social presence and confidence generators to a website > Ahmed ANIS CHARFI, European Business School-Paris, France


CRM’s contribution to the outcome of an appropriate assessment to customers and tailored to their expectations: value added CRM within the company > EL AMRANI Lamiae, BENBBA Ibrahim, Université ABDELMALEK ASSAADI, École Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion Laboratoire : Marketing et logistique, Tanger, Morocco


The value generation process in art restoration companies > Tonino PENCARELLI, Emanuela CONTI, Department of Economics, Society and Politics,


















EDITORIAL Research on Marketing Trends / La Recherche sur les Tendances du Marketing / Neuen Trends und Entwicklungen im Marketing / La Ricerca sulle Tendenze del Marketing / La Investigación en las Nuevas Tendencias del Marketing

Jean-Claude Andreani, Umberto Collesei, Françoise Conchon, Chris Halliburton, Jean-Louis Moulins, José Mugica, Tiziano Vescovi and Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

TRUST Mesurer la confiance des Internautes : adaptation de McKnight, Choudhury et Kacmar (2002) /Measuring online trust: adaptation ofMcKnight, Choudhury and Kacmar (2002)

Boris Bartikowski, Jean-Louis Chandon and Brigitte Muller

LOYALTY Valor hedonista, satisfacción y lealtad: un análisis empiríco en un contexto de servicios / Hedonic value, satisfaction and loyalty : an empirical analysis in a service context

Raquel Sánchez Fernández, Maria Angeles Iniesta Bonillo and Ana Criado Gomis

WEB 2.0 I clienti invadenti. Nuove relazioni di mercato tra clienti e imprese / Invading customers. New markets relationships

Tiziano Vescovi, Paola Gazzola and Francesca Checchinato

MARKET ENTRY European marketing strategies: market related decision factors for the choice of entry mode

Chris Halliburton, Jérôme Couturier and Davide Sola

LUXURY BRAND : Luxury brand and country of origin effect: results of an international empirical study

Gaetano Aiello, Raffaele Donvito, Bruno Godey, Daniele Pederzoli, Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Nadine Hennigs and Astrid Siebels

SERVICE RECOVERY Why bank customers dissatisfied with service recovery remain loyal: an affect control theory approach

Jean-Charles Chebat, Kais Ben-Amor and Moshe Davidow





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EDITORIAL  Marketing Trends towards New Research Perspectives

Umberto Collesei, Jean-Claude Andreani, Françoise Conchon, Chris Halliburton, Abraham Koshy,Taihong Lu, Jean-Louis Moulins, José Mugica, Tiziano Vescovi and Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

COMMUNICATION L’efficacia della comunicazione: un’indagine esplorativa / The effectiveness of communication: an exploratory research
Umberto Collesei and Francesca Checchinato

KIDS & TEENS Les produits à destination des adolescents : Consommation symbolique des marques ou consommation symbolique des produits ? /The products dedicated
to adolescents: symbolic consumption of brands or symbolic consumption of products?

Sarah Benmoyal-Bouzaglo and Denis Guiot

SHOPPING Shopping with Consumers as a Research Method – Design and Results of a Shopping Behavior Study
Günter Silberer and Hsiau-Han Wang

NATIONAL & STORE BRANDS Comportamiento de elección de marca del consumidor: marcas nacionales vs. marcas de distribuidor / Consumer brand choice behaviour: national brands vs. store brands

Juan Carlos Gázquez Abad and Manuel Sánchez Pérez

SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISES What is Marketing for SME Entrepreneurs? The Need to Market the Marketing Approach
Alberto Marcati, Gianluigi Guido and Alessandro M. Peluso




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EDITORIAL : Marketing Trends: Novelty and Innovation in Research

José Mugica, Jean-Claude Andreani, Umberto Collesei, Françoise Conchon, Chris Halliburton, Abraham Koshy, Paulo de Lencastre, Taihong Lu, Jean-Louis Moulins, Tiziano Vescovi and Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

RELATIONSHIP MARKETING Communiquer sa Marque pour Construire une Relation Différenciée avec ses Clients / Communicating brand in order to refashion the customer-brand relationship

Jean-Louis Moulins and Elyette Roux

WORD OF MOUTH Empowered Involvement and Word of Mouth: Conceptual Model and Firs Empirical Evidence

Martin Oetting and Frank Jacob

PRIVATE LABEL : Loyalty towards store brands: Customer segmentation for beer / Lealtad a la marca de la distribución: Segmentación de clientes para cerveza

Alejandro Mollá Descals, Marta Frasquet Deltoro, María Eugenia Ruiz Molina and Miguel Ángel Gómez Borja

STOCHASTIC METHODS : Les modèles à court et long terme détectant les effets d’acquisition et rétention dans le domaine de biens de consommation utilisant les méthodes stochastiques et économétriques / Modelling short and long term customer acquisition and retention effects in consumer goods sales using stochastic and econometric methods

Michel Calciu and Ioana Mihart

NICHE MARKETING (Ri)Scoprire ilMarketing di Nicchia / (Re) Discovering Niche Marketing

Alberto Mattiacci and Federica Ceccotti




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EDITORIAL : Marketing trends: the research process

Chris Halliburton, Jean-Claude Andreani, Umberto Collesei, Françoise Conchon, Abraham Koshy, Paulo de Lencastre, Taihong Lu, Jean-Louis Moulins, José Mugica, Tiziano Vescovi and Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

ONLINE BANKING :The infuence of consumers’ risk attitudes and behavior on the adoption of online banking services

Nadine Hennigs, Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Barbara Seegebarth, Lars Pankalla and Martin Kassubek

BRAND : Quelles relations entre la marque produit et la marque entreprise? / Of relationships between product brand and corporate brand

Jean-Claude Andreani, Françoise Conchon, Jean-Louis Moulins, Ganaël Bascoul, Benjamin Boeuf and Isabelle Fouquet

ROIDetermining marketing accountability : applying economics and finance to marketing

Donald Sexton, Karmal Sen and Venu Madhav Gorti

FINANCIAL MARKETS A taxonomy of customer-seller relationships in consumer financial markets

Torben Hansen

PRICE SENSITIVITY Influencia de la regularidad y la frecuencia de compra en la sensibilidad a precios y descuentos / The role of purchase regularity and purchase frequency in price and discount sensitivity

Mariya Andreeva, Mónica Cortiñas and Margarita Elorz
















EDITORIAL The idea of developing a Marketing Trend Radar

Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Jean-Claude Andreani, Umberto Collesei, Françoise Conchon, Chris Halliburton, Abraham Koshy, José Mugica, Paulo de Lencastre, Taihong Lu, Jean-Louis Moulins and Tiziano Vescovi

PRODUCT INNOVATION Customer knowledge competence, consumer insight interpretive techniques and competitive advantage of the firm

Luigi Cantone and Pierpaola Testa

INTERNET Modellgestützte Präeferenzanalyse im Internet als Grundlage für eine kundenorientierte Angebotspolitik / Offering Customer-oriented Products on the Internet Using Model-based Preference Analysis

Reinhold Decker and Sören W. Scholz

LOYALTY PROGRAM Programme de fidélité associant deux détaillants concurrents: effets sur le comportement d'achat des utilisateurs / Loyalty program bringing together two competing retailers: effects on users' shopping behavior

Jean Frisou, Hélène Yildiz and Laurent Flores

TOURISM Determinantes y consecuentes de la satisfaccion hacia ek turismo rural: el efecto moderador de la experiencia previa / Determinants and consequences of satisfaction with rural tourism: the moderating effect of previous tourists' experience

Salvador del Barrio Garcia, Maria Frias Jamilena and Lorenza Lopez Moreno

ADVERTISING The Effectiveness of Slow and Fast paced TV Commercials: some Experimental Empirical Results

Irene Roozen and Kristin Blondé



VOLUME 1 - NUMBER 6 (MAY 2011)













EDITORIAL Marketing Trends: What Research Agenda?

Françoise Conchon, Jean-Claude Andreani, Umberto Collesei, Chris Halliburton, Abraham Koshy, Paulo de Lencastre, Taihong Lu, Jean-Louis Moulins, José Mugica, Donald Sexton, Tiziano Vescovi and Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR L'influence des barrières au changement sur l'engagement du client: une application aux services de la téléphonie mobile / The effect of switching barriers on customer commitment: an application to mobile phone services

Klara Kövesi and Philippe Robert-Demontrond

E-SERVICE La multidimensionalidad de la calidad de servicio electronico y su impacto sobre el valor percibido y la lealtad / Measuring multidimensional e-service quality and its impact on customer perceived value and loyalty

Maria Fuentes Blasco, Irene Gil Saura, Gloria Berenguer Contri and Beatriz Moliner Velazquez

POSITIONING Le Nuove Ptenzialita del Doppio Posizionamento Strategico / The new potential of strategic dual postioning

Paola Signori, Barbara Gaudenzi and Ivan Russo

LUXURY China as a market: luxury brand consumer behavior

Ivana Casaburi

EXPERIENTIAL Il marketing delle Esperienze fra specificità e tendenze evolutive. Il caso Wish Days / Experience marketing: specific features and trends. The Wish Days case study

Fulvio Fortezza and Tonino Pencarelli

ADVERTISING Impact of Model Imagery and Product Information on Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention across Age Groups

Ruppal Walia Sharma and Pinaki Dasgupta
















EDITORIAL Marketing Trends: What Research Paper?

Jean-Louis Moulins, Jean-Claude Andreani, Umberto Collesei, Françoise Conchon, Chris Halliburton, Abraham Koshy, José Mugica, Paulo de Lencastre, Donald Sexton, Tiziano Vescovi and Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

BRAND La determinazione de "royalty rate" negli accordi di licenza / Setting royalty rates in brand licensing agreement

Bruno Busacca, Giuseppe Bertoli and Roberto Graziano

STRATEGY A propos du lien marketing-stratégie dans l'entreprise: un cas d'observation / The Marketing-Strategy Interface: A Participant Observation

Valentina Kirova and Jean-François Trinquecoste

CAREER Career Advancement of Marketing Research Managers: the Role of Professional Marketing Experience

Roger Bennett

GENDER El papel de la pareja en las decisiones vacacionales: un estudio empirico / The couple's role in holiday decision marking: an empirical study

Mª José Barlés-Arizón, Elena Fraj-Andrés and Eva Martínez Salinas

FINANCE An empirical study of Canadian companies to determine clients' preferred relationship approach with their financial auditor

Richard Fontaine, Claude Pilote



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